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Frequently Asked Questions


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The return of the vehicle in other destination is feasible, after telephone contact with our office. There is an additional charge for this service. Please contact us on phone in order for us to provide you any assistance with your reservation.

In case of damages caused in the rented vehicle at the fault of the tenant then the collision damage waiver covers those damages. There is an initial amount of liability to the tenant.

The Full Damage Waiver is an optional service, it is offered online and protects you from excess payments. In the event of an accident or damage to your vehicle you’ll be fully protected from any repair costs. (Exceptions apply, see Exceptions on Terms)

All the modifications-changes, are without any charge and they can be arranged before the start of the rental. They have to be written by e-mail at or by phone on +30 24270 22696 and will be applied once we receive them and approve them. (Please do not forget to mention your voucher number). No refunds are given for the days that you did not use the vehicle or if the vehicle is returned prior sooner than the designated return date.

You can freely do this by specifying which services you want to add by sending an email at In addition, you can call the reservation department on +30 24270 22696. (Please do not forget to mention your voucher number).

The cancellation of your reservation can be carried out without any financial burden for cancellations that will take place up to 24 hours prior to the start of the leasing. Reservations that are cancelled during the last 24 hours, will be charged as a one day’s leasing.

For any type of modification in your reservation, please inform us by phone on +30 24270 22696 or by e-mail at . A pre-requisite is to indicate the number and the name of the reservation. No refunds will be given to rentals that return earlier than the designated return date.

If you need the rented vehicle for a longer period, please let us know as soon as possible by phone on +30 24270 22696 or by e-mail at . The extension of your rental may be charged at a different price than your main reservation.

  • Unlimited kilometers
  • 24hours road assistance service
  • Local Taxes
  • Third party liability
  • Fire insurance
  • Theft insurance
  • Collision damage waiver (CDW)

In order to pick up the vehicle, you must have a driving license (European or International) issued at least 12 months from the date of the rental. Also, during the pick up, the tenant must present as a guarantee a valid credit card in his name or in the name of another person who will be present in the delivery of the vehicle.

All the complaints/observations are arranged by the customer services department. You can contact us by e-mail at

No. None of our vehicles is allowed to cross the Greek borders.

In case of mechanical difficulties or accidents in your car, it is important to contact us and consult us as soon as possible. In case of an accident, you must inform the local police, fill in the appropriate documents and the full details of each person involved. You must complete the accident form when the vehicle returns to us. Skiathos Fine Cars, car rental company, must give permission for the preplacement or repair of the vehicle. It is important to keep a copy of all the process in your files.

A representative of our company will wait for you outside the arrival hall of the airport or the port of Skiathos, holding a sign with your name on it.

You can contact us 24 hours per day by phone and fax on +30 24270 22696 and by e-mail at Office address: Papadiamanti str. 0, 37002, Skiathos.

In case you have declared your flight number or the ferry’s line, there will be no problem because we are able to track them. In other cases, please contact the office to inform us as soon as possible.

Skiathos Fine Cars offers it’s customers free amendments, giving you peace of mind should your travel plans change.

Skiathos Fine Cars follows the dynamic pricing policy so prices are subject to change at any time. Therefore, we are most likely not able to validate prices you had seen in your previous search. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you confirm your reservation as soon as possible, as the availability of vehicles at the lowest prices may be limited.

You must return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel you received it.

The car rentals work on a 24-hour basis, so if you rent from Monday 10am to Tuesday 10am this is considered a day. If you rent from Monday to 10am until Tuesday at 1pm you have spent 24 hours and therefore you have entered a second day in the rent.

Thus, you will be charged for 2 days rent. Please check your times carefully when you make your reservation.

You will receive your reservation number during the fulfillment of your reservation. This makes it easy for our team to identify you in any communication with us about your reservation.

Unfortunately there is not any refund in case you return the vehicle before the designated date of return.

Of course. Please contact us for further assistance.

If you are under 23 or over 78 years old, please contact us for a further clarification of all the available options.

It is possible to reduce the amount of liability on the vehicle by buying the additional insurance “Full Damage Waiver”. This reduces the amount of liability to zero. This service is provided through the online reservation process.

Don’t worry. Please contact us by phone on +30 24270 22696 or by e-mail at in order for the modification to be arranged.

You can choose the child seat during the reservation process. The child seats are installed exclusively by the parent.

In most cases there must be a valid credit card (Visa- MasterCard) in the name of the driver. If you do not own a credit card, please call our reservations department to discuss any alternative options.

You can reduce the amount of vehicle liability excess in case of accident in zero euros, by choosing the option of Full Damage Waiver (FDW), during the reservation or at the time of the rental.


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