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General information


Skiathos Fine Cars is a Greek company that offers car rental services in the island of Skiathos in competitive prices. Our main concern is the friendly and fast service of our clients. Equipped with the latest car models, in the market, we offer in our clients high quality services that are constantly improved. Our offices are located in the heart of the island. We provide our services, in the airport, at the port as well as in hotels all over the island.

Make your reservation directly, without stress, hidden charges or surcharges.

  • 24/7 Road assistance service
  • 24/7 service
  • No hidden charges
  • Delivery and return at your hotel
  • Delivery and return at the airport
  • Delivery and return at the port
  • Brand new vehicles
  • Friendly service
  • Unlimited kilometers
  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
  • Local taxes
  • Fire insurance
  • Theft insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Liability insurance

2. Your rental includes

  • Unlimited kilometers
  • 24 hours Road assistance service
  • VAT and local taxes
  • Third party liability insurance
  • Fire insurance
  • Full theft insurance
  • Collision damage waiver (CDW) with excess amount

3. Your rental excludes

  • Traffic – Police fines
  • Fuel
  • Highway tolls
  • Airport taxes
  • Child seats
  • Navigation system
  • Full Damage Waver  (FDW)
  • Wheels and glasses insurance except the damages underside the car (WUG)
  • Ferry insurance

*Optional services with additional charges

4. Office Hours and Out of Hours Charge

The office is open from 07:00 until 22:00. Out of hours service between 22:00 to 07.00 o’ clock are available with an extra charge of 20€.

5. Hotel delivery and collection

Hotel delivery is available with an extra charge of 5€. Hotel Pickup is available with an extra charge of 5€.

6. Driver’s age

The minimum age of the main and the additional drivers is set to be the 23 years, while the maximum is 78 years.

7. Driving license

A prerequisite is the possession and demonstration of the original European or international driving license issued at least 12 months before the rental date and to be in force until the end of the rental. Photo copies of the driving licenses will not be accepted.

8. Additional drivers

The rental rules that the main driver must follow, are applied as well for the additional drivers. Cost: 2€ per day.


9. Fuel Policy

The vehicle must be returned with the same amount of fuel it was picked up with. No refund will be given for unused fuel.

10. Border restrictions

The cars are not allowed to travel outside the Greek borders.

11. Fees and traffic offences

All traffic fines and expenses incurred during the rental period, are at the renter’s responsibility. Skiathos Fine Cars will promote the related charge to the renter, adding any management costs incurred.

12. Additional services and equipment

  • Infant seats
  • Child seats
  • Booster Seats
  • Navigation system

The installation of infant and child seats as well as of the booster will be exclusively carried out by the parent.

The availability may vary per period.

13. One way

The vehicle returns in different locations outside the island of Skiathos, will take place after contact and with approval of Skiathos Fine Cars. Extra charges are applied for this service.

14. Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

CDW is included in the rental price and defines the maximum amount of tenant’s liability at 600€ per accident for Mini and Economy group and at 900€ for SUV group. CDW applies only during the agreed rental period.

15. Full Damage Waver (FDW)

By choosing this type of insurance, the excess amount is reduced to zero (0) euros in case of an accident.

Cost: 5€ per day (group Mini-Economy)

Cost: 7€ per day (group SUV)

16. Wheels and glasses insurance except the damages underside the car (WUG)

This insurance covers damages to wheels and glasses except the damages underside the car. It doesn’t apply in case of intentional or negligent damage by the driver.

Cost: 2€ per day

17. Ferry insurance

The vehicles can be transferred by Ferry in any destination within the Greek boarders. The cost of Ferry insurance is 20€ in the total rental and is paid during the delivery of the vehicle.

18. Exceptions CDW, FDW and WUG

CDW, FDW and WUG are not insurances but agreements with the client.

The following charges are charged directly to the customer, regardless of whether he has accepted the CDW, FDW and WUG: Damages in the internal spaces of the car, damage or loss of the main or additional keys, wipers, grips, rims, radio antenna, CD player, radio, etc. as well as, damage in the vehicle’s lockers, the jack, the fuel cap, the ashtrays and drawers, damages and ruination of the wallpapers, the inner handles, the vehicle’s roofs, damage from the use of rack or luggage in it, the return of a dirty vehicle, loss or destruction of personal belongings in the vehicle, mechanical damage or ruination due to poor or incorrect fuel quality, damages caused by driver’s negligence, damage to or loss of child seats, destruction of the vehicle battery due to forgotten devices, lights etc., damages in the underside of the vehicle, loss or destruction of documents and vehicle registration plates. The company held zero responsibility and is not obliged to replace a pierced or damaged tire.

The towing cost isn’t covered by any insurance. Skiathos Fine Cars doesn’t deal with any charges related to the use of taxi, accommodation or telephone use.

Skiathos Fine Cars held no responsibility for anybody who drives under the influence of alcohol, drugs, causes deliberate damage, drives off road, drives without the required diligence and attention or for damages caused by negligence and violation of the traffic code. The tenant assumes full responsibility in the event of such claims. Any unreported damage or accident to the vehicle may be perceived as negligence. This may result in customer billing.

19. Mechanical damages and accidents

In case of damage you have to contact us as soon as possible. Skiathos Fine Cars must approve any repair of the vehicle. In case of an accident call immediately the police and Skiathos Fine Cars. The police report and all the documents relating to the accident must be submitted to Skiathos Fine Cars until the end of the rental. The car rental, is subject to the terms and conditions defined by Skiathos Fine Cars and the corresponding legislation in force in Greece. The lessee will also be subject to this terms. Skiathos Fine Cars does not accept or bear any responsibility for any loss, damage, alteration, delays or modification resulting from civil war, labor disputes, including aviation air traffic control differences, terrorist activity, natural and nuclear disaster, fire or adverse weather conditions, inevitable technical problems in traffic, closure or congestion of airports or ports, cancellation of scheduled airlines and financial failure of airlines.

20. Theft insurance

Theft and fire insurance are included in the rental. In case of theft or fire of the vehicle the client is obliged to call the police and to give all the documents that the police required in Skiathos Fine Cars, with the keys of the vehicle. Theft of personal belongings is not covered by the insurance nor by Skiathos Fine Cars. The client is charged the amount of liability exemption for the vehicle class that he rented, in case of partial theft or damage of it. The theft insurance coverage applied only for the rental period. For more information please contact us.

21. Liability insurance

The liability insurance is included in our main price list.

Insurance for third party injuries (per victim): 1.220.000, 00€

Third party material damages (per accident): 1.220.000, 00€

22. Insurance

The insurance cover is provided by the insurance company and not by Skiathos Fine Cars. Liability for damages exceeding the purchased insurance coverage burdens the lessee of the vehicle. Skiathos Fine Cars does not offer any kind of insurance coverage related to the car rental and held no responsibility for damages that may be caused in case of an accident.

22. Additional issues

The terms, conditions and the prices may be differentiated without prior notice.

Skiathos Fine Cars can refuse to rent a vehicle to anyone who considers that does not meet the rental conditions.

The vehicle can be driven only by the drivers who have declared their personal information in the rental agreement of Skiathos Fine Cars. In any other occasion, the terms of the contract and the insurances are not applicable.

As it is stated on our website, we are committed to a particular vehicle category meaning that only the customer will receive the particular vehicle. In all the other cases, the client will receive a similar vehicle to the one of his reservation. In case of no availability of the specific category, we offer you a car that belongs in the immediate higher category, without any financial burden.

The tenant accepts the terms and conditions of use from the moment of reservation. If he does not agree with any leasing term then he must not proceed in the reservation.

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