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1. Rental period and rental extention

Vehicle rentals are divided into 24 hours. To avoid additional charges make sure to return the vehicle at the same time as you received it. In case of return delay Skiathos Fine Cars may charge you for the delay. The rental extention takes place following your contact with us and approval. The vehicle remains booked for up to 2 hours from the agreed reservation time. After the pass of 2 hours, is released from the reservation.
2. Reservation modifications
The reservation modifications take place without additional charges, up to 48 hours before the leasing. The modifications can be arranged by phone on 24270-22696 as well as by e-mail at
3. Cancellation policy

The cancellations that will take place up to 24 hours prior to the designated vehicle delivery are not charged. The reservations that will be cancelled in the last 24 hours will be charged as one day’s rental. There is no refund for rentals that return sooner than the designated return date. For any type of modification or cancellation in your reservation, please inform us by phone or fax on 24270-22696 or by e-mail at A pre-requisite is to indicate the number and the name of the reservation.

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